- Jon Edwards


 - Based in Western North Carolina
 - travels regionally with regularity
 - always willing to travel & explore new areas


 - Flexible & rather autonomous with scheduling

Photography has been a personal evolution of passion.  What began as a mere attempt to capture/memorialize life's moments of importance, especially those involving family & friends, somewhat quickly grew into a true hobby and then on to a passion.  My evolution in this artful medium is constant, enlightening, challenging, empowering, boggling, awakening, mindful, and oh so much more.  Just as is life itself; and that is exactly what I strive to capture.

An adventurer, and an explorer of life, both behind and in front of the lens.  Chemistry is not a "plus"; it's a requirement!  How can we truly have fun, laugh, explore, challenge ourselves and truly be present in the moment without such?  It's the difference between good and great.  Is there better proof of this than when artists collaborate to create mind boggling art?  Personally, I don't think there is!
Passion and pleasure mixed together make for erotic beauty and capturing moments of my own hedonistic joys was the bridge leading me out of the bland, the vanilla and into the abstract of Erotic Art.  Debauchery, my favorite word, is the aura, the state of being, present in my work; at least I hope it is.  We have evolved  so dynamically as a species, yet as a society we have largely not done so when it comes to sensual, erotic art.  The essence of life (Joie' de Vivre), the beauty of ourselves, as beautifully created beings, should be celebrated, reveled in and shared. 
The beauty of the human body is one I am very comfortable with, female and/or male.  Comfort in one's body (nude) is a sign of a healthy & secure person; I am both and I desire for my collaborative partners to be as well. 
Water, is such a powerful and pure element, it is hard to imagine not wanting to shoot, at least at some point, most everything and everyone, in nature; letting natural beauties collide.
• Action
• Architecture / Landscape
• Body Movement & Strength (Dance, Hooping, Fitness, Yoga, Pole, etc.)
• Boudoir / Lingerie / PinUp• Erotic / Kink / Fetish
• Creative (Powdered Paint / Light Strings / Mirrored)
• Erotic / Kink / Fetish
• Implied Nude & Art Nude - Indoors & Outdoors
• Risqué Fashion
• Shibari / Collared / Wax Drip
Other creative outlets are important for my overall health; some of those are …

• Trained under two chefs in the wonderfully decadent city of New Orleans, where all things delectable converge and debaucheries abound.
• Spawned from a Master of the English language who was published more times than I can count, writing is rather second nature to me.  However, allocating the time for such is not; as I romantically desire to write as I imagine Hunter S. Thompson, Hemingway, Abbie Hoffman & other great authors/philosophers did.
• Southern Rocking Blues   • Jazz   •Rock & Roll   • Outlaw Country   •Americana   •Folk   •Bluegrass   •Grunge   •Jam   •Blues
• The Dead
*My romantic notion:
Sitting at a table with a glass of whiskey (bourbon, scotch, vodka, etc.), a cigar/pipe resting & ready for the quick puff in the nearby ashtray while the hums & clangs of a vibrantly decadent city echo around.
 *PAINTING (occasionally)
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